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Get answers to common questions asked by new students.
Info for New Jiu Jitsu Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I try out a class before I decide to sign up?
    Yes! We offer a FREE CLASS for you to experience a typical learning session. There's no pressure to sign up, we're glad when people try us out.
  • Am I too old to start Jiu Jitsu lessons?
    Probably not. We have plenty of new students that are middle-aged and in average to less than average condition. Whether it's to get some physical fitness or take a more competitive route you can learn Jiu Jitsu at almost any age.
  • Do you have classes for younger kids?
    Yes! We have class for very young kids through all school ages. Our kids classes help youth to develop self-control, confidence, and a knowledge of self-protection.
  • Do I need a lot of expensive gear?
    Martial Arts is a relatively low-cost sport to join. We offer the basic uniform (Gis), rashguards, grappling shorts, bags, and more.
  • How fast can I become good at Jiu Jitsu?
    The time required to become good at Jiu Jitsu depends on several factors. Firstly, the amount of drive and desire you have plays a huge role in achieving your goals. The amount of time you spend practicing, studying techniques, and the level of training you receive are other key factors. Most students recognize substantial progress after a few months.
  • How many classes should I attend each week?
    We suggest a minimum of two classes a week. This will enable you to maintain your present skill level. Going to three or more classes per week will help you to improve your techniques and increase your skill level. The best strategy is to look at Jiu Jitsu as a never-ending learning experience. Apply yourself and rise to the top.
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